How Having Natural Hair Makes You A Better Lover

  How Having Natural Hair Makes You A Better Lover

How having natural hair makes you a better lover (1)
How having natural hair makes you a better lover (1)

Contrary to popular belief having natural hair makes you a better lover.

Have you ever thought about having a  romantic dinner and making sensual passionate love with your boo only to think about your hair midstream and putting on your bonnet after it's all over?

I'm Glad to know I'm not the only one that has had these thoughts or maybe that's been through this kind of experience at one time or another.

As a women we have all heard our husbands or boyfriend  say  I want to run my fingers through your hair only to think Omg I don't want him to mess up my hair or worse feel a track or 2 " LoL "

"Well have I got news for you" here are a  few simple tips to spice up your night life and never feel these  awkward emotions again.


Here Are 3 Tips to Keep the fireworks in the bedroom and make your love life magical. 

1. Satin Bonnet

By adding a pop of color and a touch of gold you can spice up your nightlife and look fabulous for your boo to make him forget you're wearing a bonnet.

2. Satin Pillow Case

By being natural you can always use a satin pillow case and it works wonders to keep your hair in place and you will keep your sexy on.

3 Products For Protective Styles

Wear styles like twist, braids and pin curls a few times a month to compromise with your man to keep him visual stimulated and keep him in pure bliss. check out the right product for your  

Products  For Protective Styles


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