Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo 2017

Baltimore natural Hair expo
Baltimore natural Hair expo

 Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo is the most buzz-worthy 2-day event to take place in Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore Natural Hair Expo showcases products like skin care, hair care,  and holistic healthy products. Along with some of the top of the line educators in the beauty industry. This year The founder Malaika Cooper celebrated the 16th Annual Natural Hair Expo and guess who was there none other than Tajuana Hammonds and the Genesis Hair Care Team

    "As she demonstrates how you control Your Uncontrollable Kinks"


In the episode, you will learn how Just how critical it is to have the right products for your hair type and texture Genesis Hair care is a natural hair care product for women that have 4c texture hair.

                  Using the right products  and tools are major keys to controlling your natural kinks