Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Aleopecia

The Cause And The Solutions Of  Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia In Black Women.

This is a form of scarring alopecia on the scalp that can result in permanent hair loss.

"Strong relaxers can cause you to lose sensations" in the scalp so you will never feel the soreness.

As you began to transition from using relaxers to natural hair you began to realize there are nerves in your scalp and it's alive.


1.Central is the system that starts at the top middle of the scalp.


 2.  Centrifugal means that the system spread outward from the center. 


 3. Cicatricial means scarring. 


 4. Alopecia proper name for hair loss.

 Here are a few early stages and symptoms.

Here are a few early stages and symptoms and some solutions that will solve the issue and prevent possible hair loss. For most progressions to hair loss is a slow process

Here Are A Few Signs

  • Soreness
  • Itching
  • Or a burning sensation in the top sections of the middle sections of the scalp.

over time you will begin to notice that sections of your hair will start to thin out and break.If these are a few symptoms that you have been experiencing, please don't become overwhelmed and feel there's  nothing you can do and your situations is helpless.

There are a lot of things going on in your scalp everything is alive it needs oxygen and nutrient from food to grow hair and if it is not reciving theses essential nutrient the hair will die. But that not all think about it this way let's talk positioning the top part of your hair is the most exsposed. Why is my crown sections so dry and sore?

In My Tami Roman Voice

In My Tami Roman Voice


   Here Are A Few Things That Can Cause Problem Over Time

Sitting under a hooted dryer can cause alot of damage to the scalp.  make sure you seactions Your hair and pull your hair going up to keep direct heat from pentrating the middle of your crown. 

Over time to much heat exsposer will dry up the hair follical  system and cause the hair follicals to become imflammed and damaged and your hair follicals will become weaker and weaker and shrink and dye.

While using a hooded dryer

  1. Make sure while using a hooded dryer you pull your hair up in a high bun to avoid direct heat in your crown area to protect yourscalp.
  2. While using the hooded dryer make sure you don't exceed more than 30 mintues.
  3. IF you've been using a hooded dryer and been experiencing these symtoms and these issues worsen then stop using the dryer period instead use a hairsteamer.    


Hooded Dryers 

Hooded Dryers 

 Give your crown area more attention by massaging it and putting extra conditioners and oils in that area by doing these things the inflammation and soreness should go away.

Tension is another cause of hair breakage when putting your hair in 4 sections that may cause tension on the scalp try switching up by sectioning your hair into 6 or 8 large sections to lessening the tension to reduce the risk of damage to the crown.

Another cause that may cause breakage over time to the crown of the hair is using closed bobbi pins used open bobbi pins instead.

By using the correct products this will increase moisture in your hair, this is called having a routine to stimulate hair growth and build up the moisture to rejuvenate the hair follicles, by having a consistent hair regiment and healthy hair practice you will see an extraordinary shift in hair growth. 

IF you are experiencing any of these symptoms or know someone who is or has experienced hair lost check out this remarkable article.

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