How To Achieve The Perfect flexi Rodset For Natural Hair

How To Achieve The Perfect Flexi Rodset For Natural Hair.

How To Acheive The Perfect Flexi Rod For Natural Hair

A flexi rod style can be the go-to style for heatless and protective styles while transitioning for relaxed to natural hair especially if you are avoiding the big chop.

This is a style that over days even weeks gets better and better causing this to be a free and effortless style. this is a style that allows you to build up your moisture content gain length retentions while building a hair regiment to substitute heated styles.     

Here are a few tips for you to remember that will help you achieve the perfect flexi rod set on natural hair.

1. Always use cool water when rising your hair. this will close the pores in your scalp and help reduce frizz.

2. Use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair. a regular towel will cause frizz.

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this is done before the styling agent is an applied.

3. Spray the untangle me moisturizing conditioning spray on your hair and detangle along with part the hair in 4 sections.

4. Take a small amount of vb smoothie on each section and began to rod the hair one sections at a  time. Always remember to start at the very end of the hair than rod upward so that you will not get a fish hook.

5. Set the dryer for 45 minutes to 60 minutes making sure the flexi rod set is totally dry.

By mastering this style you will find it ideal for the winter months if you are experiencing excessive dryness, this is considered a protective style and heatless style.

Check out the amazing flexi-rod tutorials below for more detailed instructions…

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