Change Your Mind And Change Your Lifestyle

In this blog post change, your mindset change your lifestyle you will learn just what tools to use for your new business or expanding an existing business? You have been to workshops classes and conference after conference only to feel overwhelmed and have a lot of anxiety. only to recognize that technology was changing and the language that you hear is so disconnected from what you use to know that you feel your behind and will never catch. Here are a few tips and tools that will help you closed the gaps in your business.

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The Cause And The Solutions Of  Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia In Black Women.

This is a form of scarring alopecia on the scalp that can result in permanent hair loss.

"Strong relaxers can cause you to lose sensations" in the scalp so you will never feel the soreness.

As you began to transition from using relaxers to natural hair you began to realize there are nerves in your scalp and it's alive.

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I'm Natural By Force Not By Choice​.
 I'm Natural By Force Not By Choice .


Many of us know that there's  a large percentage  of women going natural. As we continue to see changes in relaxers, chemicals treatments and perms decline in rapid numbers. You began to understand not everyone is natural due to the increase or fascination of the trending craze I love my natural. Some are due to hormonal changes over time there are many women that are being forced to make lifestyle changes for health and wellness. This is called beauty for life sack ,What's the definitions it's a balance of a healthy lifestyle.
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5 Ways To Avoid The Curl Killer

The natural curl is a growing  trend that includes many women that are in the entertainment industry, like Chrisette Michelle, Beyonce Knowles, Salonga Knowles, Kim Coles and these are only to name a few. Unlike everyday women, these women are living a fast paced lifestyle that leads them from city to city and town to town and state to state.

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