Structured Systems+  Create Digitial Product +  Tangiable Products

Tajuana Hammonds - Lee is the CO/ Founder OF Genesis Coaching Academy. Genesis Coaching Academy consists of an online coaching courses created to, develop , and train highly effective, entrepreneurs on how to create multiple streams of income. by creating digital and tangible products. Tajuana is the co/ founder of the lucrative natural hair care line Genesis Haircare Products and the creator of many digital and tangible products along with coaching many remarkable entrepreneurs teaching them to turn their uncommon thoughts and ideas into extraordinary products and services while increasing there cash flow by using simple steps and systems that can be used over and over again to give worth wild results and a powerful Inpact.  Tajuana trains you best on how to simplify your thoughts. Start with a vision and identify your mission. which can be applied to whatever product you plan on creating and help you then organize them into your introduction,  main content,  and your conclusion to achieve true success.