Do You Want To Achieve Amazing Curl ?


  Do You Want To Achieve Amazing Curl ?

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What do I do in the morning when my hair is Twisted Out?

You can add a dab of Genesis vb smoothie to dry hair for moisture. Do not wet natural hair. You will have to start all over again. It will shrink back to its natural state. How long will twist outs last ? It can last between 5 to 14 days  depending on hair type and how you care for it

Will (BH) Bessie’s Hands really turn my kinks to curls?

Yes!  It can turn tight kinks to curls best for  textures with a ‘z’ pattern and tightly coiled hair formations.

Portable tabletop, dryer,1900-watt blow dryer Nozzle attachment Diffuser attachment
Wide-tooth comb
Medium tooth rat-tail comb Neck towel





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What is Finger Styling or Wash and Go?

Finger styling is a curly styling  technique  apply  product with fingers while hair is wet and detangle.            

 Do I need an Over-Head dryer or can I let it air dry?

If you hair is thick and long we recommend a portable tabletop overhead dryer to speed up drying time. We also recommend full drying time for a superb result. Drying time on average kinky hair is about 1 hour. Summer months and warms climates accommodate air-drying. You may use a diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer to dry and style your curls.


What do I do at night when my hair is Finger Styled, Coiled or Two-Strand Twisted?

What do I do in the morning when my hair is Finger Styled, comb twist , Coiled or two Strand Twisted?


in the morning, apply a dab of Genesis Hair Care (vb) Vanilla Bean  Smoothie  or BH Bessie’s Hands to add moisture and keep the hair hydrated. Do not re-wet for it may shrink back to its natural state and you will have to start all over again. If you have 3a,b, or c loose wave, you can re-wet 20% via spray bottle. Glaze hands with  Bessie’s  Hands  and scrunch the ends. Sit under a heated dryer until dry and add vb Vanilla  Bean Smoothie  for moisture. 

You Finally Found your New Products

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(cs)   Chocolate Serenity  is a moisturizing sulfate nourishing shampoo that removes impurities.



(HW) Her Wisdom Buttermilk  Conditioner  is a rich moisturizing conditioner that can be used as a leave -in or wash out.



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(BH)Bessie’s Hands  transforms shrunken kinks to super shiny stretched out curls with firm hold that is made for 4a,b, and c elongates the curl for more definitions and perfect for a wash and go

(vb) Vanilla Bean Smoothie  is a volume boosting an   excellent aid for longer lasting natural styles like  twist- out , two strand twist, flat twist,   silk out and so much more.